Mini Charon


COMING SOON | Scaled Stroboscopic Zoetropes

Zoetropes are the earliest form of animation dating back to the 1800s. They consist of a cylinder with a progression of images inside and slots to peer through. As the wheel spins, the motion gives the viewer the illusion of movement. Hudzo figured out a way to create the effect with life-sized sculptures, using spinning motion and strobe lights to create something akin to a three-dimensional motion picture. Hudzo is ready to share his magic with you...

Hudson and his co-creators, Animator, Warren Trezevant, Structural Engineer, Ali Lahijanian, and Art Producers, Building 180, have most recently embarked on creating a new scaled model of Charon. Their vision is to bring a miniature Hudzo favorite into museums and homes - sparking creativity and passion for future artists, builders, engineers, programmers, and animators. Hudzo and team are also exploring bringing this concept to an educational platform on a smaller scale with a fun and exciting introduction to various science disciplines.

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