Charon | Scaled Maker Model


COMING SOON | Scaled Stroboscopic Zoetropes

Zoetropes are the earliest form of animation dating back to the 1800s. They consist of a cylinder with a progression of images inside and slots to peer through. As the wheel spins, the motion gives the viewer the illusion of movement. Hudzo figured out a way to create the effect with life-sized sculptures, using spinning motion and strobe lights to create something akin to a three-dimensional motion picture. Hudzo is ready to share his magic with you...

Hudson and his co-creators, Animator, Warren Trezevant, and Structural Engineer, Ali Lahijanian, have most recently embarked on creating a new scaled model Maker Kit available for kids and adults. Their vision is to spark creativity and passion for future builders, engineers, programmers, and animators. Interested parties can gain invaluable knowledge of structural elements and learn how to use tools, follow build drawings, and operate a human drive, lighting, animation, and pre-programed microprocessors. Hudzo and team want to bring this concept to an educational platform on a smaller scale with a fun and exciting introduction to various science disciplines.

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